Vishal Arora,  Director AES labs was invited to speak at the 5th National Conclave for Laboratories which has been organized from last four years with the objective to bring in the most current developments in test and calibration methods, equipment, facilities and standards. It has become a platform for sharing case studies of good laboratory practices and bringing the information on new sectors that create new business opportunities for laboratories.

5th National Conclave for Laboratories

Mr. Arora at 5th National Conclave for Laboratories

As global supply networks continue to expand and cover more and more goods and services, building confidence in the quality and safety of goods has assumed one of the topmost considerations of trade. Both regulators as well as developers of private global supply networks are increasingly relying on credible conformity assessment methods that can assure safe and quality products in the consumers’ hands. Mr. Arora emphasized on the role and importance of testing and calibration services in meeting the demands of global supply chains & business growth sectors for laboratory services.  He further said that”Testing and calibration constitutes the foundation of all inspection and product certification programs, hence their importance is now directly associated with the success of the regulatory practices and market credibility of the private supply networks”. Sectors as diverse as Food and Agriculture, Smart Cities, Defense procurements to Wireless communications are dependent on reliable testing and calibration whether conducted in a manufacturer’s laboratory or a commercial laboratory or a regulatory laboratory.