Sampling is a very critical aspect of food testing.  Sampling, sample handling and transportation of samples should be such that the integrity of samples are not compromised.  This aspect is very critical in case of sampling for food items for microbiological analysis, where any sampling error can lead to contamination thereby giving false results.  Laboratory personnel follow strict aseptic techniques

AES Labs has a trained team of samplers to meet the stringent needs of sampling and inspection of food items.  The sampling procedures, based on the type of sampling and the products to be sampled are detailed in the laboratory’s in-house Sampling Manual.

Laboratory also carries out pre-shipment inspection and sampling for various commodities.  Currently, the laboratory is involved in carrying out pre-shipment inspections for peanuts and peanut products, milk and rice.  These inspections are carried out based on national and international sampling protocols so as to ensure minimal chances consignments rejection after import due to non-compliance with the buyer specifications or the regulatory requirements of the importing country.