food packaging material testing

AES Labs provide comprehensive services in the field of food packaging material testing and food contact materials testing.  Packaging must not transfer its constituents into food to the detriment of the food’s quality.  Legislation is very strict, especially regarding heavy metals and plastics monomers. At AES we have a range of methods for food packaging material testing compliance with legal requirements for overall and specific migration from the packaging and food contact materials into the food. AES test plastics food packaging material and food contact materials for overall chemical migration and specific chemical migration of monomers, additives, and other trace residual substances.

Several regulations like FSSAI/IS, EU and USFDA are followed regarding testing of food contact materials as well as their migration in food items.  The European regulation (EC) 1935/2004 defines fundamental requirements of food packaging. According to this, packaging material shall neither transfer their ingredients into food in quantities that may impair human health, nor deteriorate aroma or taste. Besides these very general rules some materials are regulated more in detail. Plastics and polymers are regulated in the Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 of 14 January 2011, superseding EU Directive 2002/72/EC. The regulation contains restrictions, migration limit values, and specifications for testing – for safety of food when in contact with plastic materials.  Similarly, FDA 21 CFR gives regulatory information for migration from food contact materials as per US requirements.

AES Labs provides the following services for Food Packaging Material Testing:

  • Overall migration testing according to EN 1186 on food packaging made from plasticfood packaging material testing
  • Specific migration testing according to EN 13130 on food packaging from plastic
  • Overall Migration of Constituents of Plastics Materials and Articles Intended to come in contact with Foodstuffs as per IS 9845
  • Residual monomer testing on food packaging materials
  • Paper and Board packaging materials
  • Other toxic substance like Bisphenol A and phthalatesfood packaging material testing
  • Metals in metallic food packaging

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