AES Laboratories provides Fruit and Vegetable Testing services in which fruits and vegetables are analyzed for content for contaminants that can have hazardous effect on human health. Contaminants can be in the form of residual pesticide, heavy metals and Sulfonic Urea. 

Nowadays, when insecticides and pesticides are used on plants without check, test of vegetables and fruits has become mandatory practice to ensure the safety of consumers. In addition to this, these tests also provide the basic nutrients composition present in the fruit or vegetable.

We use GC-ECD/NPD, GC-MS, HPLC and LC-MSMS instrumentation to carry out residue analyses, which helps growers and exporters ensure they can meet maximum residues limits (MRL’s) – these are set by purchasing companies, supermarket chains, government agencies or importing countries.

Tests conducted by us are:

  • Multi residue GC Test
  • Nutritional profile
  • Heavy metals
  • Sulfonic Urea Screen
  • Basic fruit profile
  • Nutritional Panel