AES lab is noted amongst the foremost service providers of Cereals and Pulses Testing Services. Cereals and Pulses are one of the major food staples in several, if not most, countries and cultures and square measure the raw materials of the many of our foods and bound beverages.    

The growing production and industrial processing of cereals, pulses and legumes, and rapid development of trade of these agricultural crops has resulted in increasing quality, quality control and standardization at both national as well as international level.

Because of their intensive use as human foods and placental feeds, the biology and safety of cereal grains and cereal merchandise is an important space. We at AES lab measure all traceable to the setting during which grains square measure big, handled, and processed. Microorganisms that contaminate cereal grains might return from air, dust, soil, water, insects, rodents, birds, animals, humans, storage and shipping containers, and handling and process instrumentality.

The services provided by us are executed in accordance with the international quality standards which include testing of:

  • High test weight
  • Aflatoxin
  • Insects and Moulds
  • Foreign material
  • Low percentage of discolored, broken and damaged kernels
  • Low breakability
  • Milling quality
  • Protein and Oil Content
  • High viability