Through a notice issued on 18 July 2017 the FSSAI has sought to make an amendment to Clause 7 of the Food Safety and Standards Rules 2011. The FSSAI has approved the use of the Manuals of Method of Analysis for the testing of different food product categories. These Manuals haveFSSAI issues notice regarding the Method of Analysis for food products also been approved by Scientific Panels and Scientific Committees as well.

However, it has been observed by the FSSAI that the various laboratories are using any of the methods of analysis as per their own choice, which are not necessarily from the Manuals. These methods are of course all approved by national and international agencies but the use of a number of different methods of analysis for the same food products does not bring about uniformity in testing.

FSSAI would like all stakeholders to adopt a uniform method of analysis. It has therefore proposed to make amendments to clause 7 of Rule 2.4.2 of the Food Safety and Standards Rules 2011. The Food Authority would like to make the following substitution in the clause.

The Manuals of Methods of the Method of Analysis, as amended /adopted by the Authority from time to time, shall be used for analyzing the samples of food articles. However, in case the method of analyzing any parameters is not available in these Manuals, a validated method of analysis prescribed by internationally recognized/ analytical/ regulatory agencies shall be adopted by the Authority. 

The FSSAI has asked for suggestions and objections which must reach the CEO, FSSAI by email within a period of 45 days from the above mentioned date. Email for communicating the suggestions is labs@fssai,

About Food Analysis

Food analysis is used to determine the properties of foods so as to be able to economically produce foods that are safe, nutritious and desirable for consumers. Food analysis also enables food manufactures to produce food products that meet the standards of the FSSAI and international agencies. Analysis plays a role in ensuring food safety and it authenticates nutritional labelling claims. They help FBOs to use quality ingredients in their food products and raw materials. Food analysis is used in R&D so that new products can be developed or for improvement of existing products.