Cooking oils and fats come in a huge variety of flavours, types and blends. Consumers and food service establishments demand various varieties to meet different nutritional requirements, diets and cuisines.

Food producers need to ensure that their oils and fats are thoroughly tested and analysed in order to fully disclose information about their contents, quality and purity to their customers.  AES Laboratories provides fats and oils testing services that include:

  • Seed oils like rapeseed, sunflower, safflower, sesame
  • Oils from nuts like walnut, hazelnut, peanuts etc.
  • Palm, coconut, soy, avocado, olive oil
  • Animal oils and fats (fish oil, beef tallow etc.)
  • Margarine, spreadable fats

Specific analyses

Fats and oils are tested as per national and international specifications that included FSSAI and BIS standards.  We offer multiple analyses, including specific analytics for the quality and authenticity of your products (adulteration parameters, oxidation parameters, acid value, free fatty acids, oxidative stability and more), examination of residues and contaminants (organic and inorganic contaminants, metals, mycotoxins, pesticides).  We also offer nutritional labeling services including fat profiling for various oils.