FSSAI has launched a new mobile app.  This app will allow the consumers in India to raise their food safety related concerns. Whether it is a Packaged Food or a Food Service Establishment, now consumers are empowered to know about the Food Business Operators and get informed about the Food Safety information. The app has built in functionalities to locate the consumer’s geo location and any Food Incidents witnessed can be raised along with the captured pictures.

The app allows consumers to check different parameters on which the Food Safety is compromised for both Packaged Foods and Food served in ready-to-eat establishments. For served food, the consumer is given an option to rate the Overall Hygiene of the food service establishment.

Since most of the times the form of food consumed is either packed or serviced, FSSAI app provides Food Safety Tips and Food Safety laws as prescribed by FSSAI through its Regulations.

Provision for consumers to enter FSSAI issued License/Registration Number if available will provide accurate information about the FBO’s adherence to the Food safety requirements.

The consumers valuable input in reporting the Food Safety concerns across the nation will equip the FSSAI authorities to make India progress towards a Food Safety Nation.

To download the app, please visit FSSAI Mobile App download page