Irradiated food.

Irradiation can be used to kill bacteria that cause food poisoning, such as salmonella, campylobacter and E.coli. It can also delay fruit ripening and help stop vegetables such as […]

FSSAI-Standard Division : Get Food Facts Right: FAQs on Wheat Flour, Oil ,Fruits & organic food.

Wheat flour and other Wheat Products
1). What is Wheat Atta?
As per the sub – regulation of FSS (Food Products Standards and Food Additives) Regulations, Atta or resultant atta […]

How does food become contaminated during manufacturing?

Food can be contaminated by physical objects, chemicals, or bacteria transferred to the food either through poor handling practices or from another food source. This is known as cross-contamination.

Physical […]

Food safety – hazards and culprits.

Even a single food-related incident can deal a harsh blow to your business, so food safety should always be a top priority. The only defense in a court of […]

FSSAI -Notification for suggestions, views, comments etc from stakeholders on the draft Guidance Document on the “Use of Supplements for Sportspersons”

The primary purpose of guidance document on the use of supplements/ products intended for sports person is an attempt to provide information not only on the use but also […]

Packaged atta companies want FSSAI to set up one-point reference system

A consortium of packaged atta companies, including ITC Aashirvaad, Rajdhani and Silver Coin, held a press conference recently to demand that FSSAI put a one-point reference system in place to […]

FSSAI seeks views on plastic particles or microplastics in water bottles

An international study on Thursday said popular brands were selling contaminated mineral water bottles. The study by the State University of New York found twice as many plastic particles or micro-plastics […]

FSSAI Issues Direction Regarding Permission to Use Pre-Printed Packaging Material

FSSAI has issued directions under Section 16 (5) of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 regarding permission to use pre-printed packaging material.  The same can be viewed here.

How to Increase the Shelf Life Of Your Food Product

Creating food products is expensive. You have to source the ingredients, rent a clean health department approved space, pay someone to make your food, package it up and sell […]

Tips to increase efficiency of HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)

The correct use of an HPLC column is extremely important for the life time of a column and therefore for the benefit of your HPLC analysis. The following text […]

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